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HIV Disease

HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV disease is used to broadly describe the disease or illness caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV disease compromises the immune system and if left untreated results in life threatening illness. While there is no cure for HIV, if individuals are diagnosed early and begin treatment appropriately, they may live with the illness, managing it as a chronic disease. 

2009/2010* HIV Disease Fast Facts for Mecklenburg County

People Living with HIV Disease
(as of December 31, 2010)
New Reported HIV Disease Cases
(January 1st – December 31, 2010)
Deaths Due to HIV Disease
(January 1st – December 31, 2010)
* Data Sources:
              NC DHHS HIV/STD Prevention and Care Unit
              NC DHHS 2007 Vital Records Report

The following reports highlight the impact of HIV disease in Mecklenburg County. 

2006 through 2010 HIV Disease Cases.pdf2006 through 2010 HIV Disease Cases.pdfIncludes cases by Age, Race-Ethnicity and Exposure51 KB
2000 through 2009 HIV Disease Death Rates.pdf2000 through 2009 HIV Disease Death Rates.pdfHIV Disease Death rates for United States, NC and Mecklenburg134 KB
1999 through 2010 HIV disease Annual Case Rates.pdf1999 through 2010 HIV disease Annual Case Rates.pdfHIV disease case rates for Mecklenburg and North Carolina120 KB

See available are data reports on other sexually transmitted diseases.

Related Information for HIV/AIDS

The following links will connect you to Web sites that feature additional information related to HIV Disease. Mecklenburg County Health Department does not necessarily recommend or endorse all the information contained in these online resources


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