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Community Overview
State of the County Health (SOTCH) Report
The State of the County Health (SOTCH) Report is an overview of selected community health indicators that affect priority health concerns for the community. This report is a state requirement for the consolidated contract and Local Health Department accreditation and is published annually in December.

 Documents ‭[1]‬

2012 SOTCH Report.pdf2012 SOTCH Report.pdf1894 KB
2011 SOTCH Report.pdf2011 SOTCH Report.pdf1290 KB
2009 SOTCH Report.pdf2009 SOTCH Report.pdf827 KB
2008 SOTCH Report.pdf2008 SOTCH Report.pdf1858 KB
2007 SOTCH Report.pdf2007 SOTCH Report.pdf872 KB


State of the County Health (SOTCH) Report Summary
The SOTCH Summary is a two-page quick look at selected health indicators with comparisons to state rates and 2010 Health Objectives when available. 

 Documents ‭[2]‬

2009 SOTCH Summary.pdf2009 SOTCH Summary.pdf166 KB
2008 SOTCH Summary.pdf2008 SOTCH Summary.pdf61 KB


Community Health Assessment

The Healthy Carolinians Community Health Assessment (CHA) is conducted every four years and provides an overview of selected health indicators across the county as well as the health focus areas that have been prioritized as needing the greatest attention and action plans for addressing those areas. The CHA is a state requirement for the consolidated contract, Local Health Department accreditation and Healthy Carolinians Certification.

 Documents ‭[3]‬

ExecSummforWeb.pdfExecSummforWeb.pdf188 KB
Draft Violence Action Plan.pdfDraft Violence Action Plan.pdf118 KB
Draft Mental Health Action Plan.pdfDraft Mental Health Action Plan.pdf125 KB
Draft Chronic Disease Action Plan.pdfDraft Chronic Disease Action Plan.pdf127 KB
Draft Access to Care Action Plan.pdfDraft Access to Care Action Plan.pdf105 KB
2013 Mecklenburg CHA Feb 7.pdf2013 Mecklenburg CHA Feb 7.pdf10873 KB
2010HealthyMeckBrochure.pdf2010HealthyMeckBrochure.pdf1111 KB
2010 Community Health Assessment.pdf2010 Community Health Assessment.pdf3956 KB
2010 Community Health Assessment Executive Summary.pdf2010 Community Health Assessment Executive Summary.pdf101 KB
2006-07  Community Health Assessment.pdf2006-07 Community Health Assessment.pdf6289 KB


Health Index

The Health Index is a measure for the Mecklenburg County Corporate Balanced Scorecard. It includes a list of community health indicators and Health Department resource measures with annual and 2015 goals. Comparisons with state and national rates are provided when appropriate. It is published yearly in August.

 Documents ‭[4]‬

2010 Health Index.pdf2010 Health Index.pdf44 KB
2009 Health Index.pdf2009 Health Index.pdf43 KB
2008 Health Index.pdf2008 Health Index.pdf148 KB
2007 Health Index.pdf2007 Health Index.pdf137 KB
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