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Residential Swimming Pool Program
If You Don't Put a Barrier Around Your Pool, Someone Else MightThe Mecklenburg County Health Ordinance Governing Residential Swimming Pools was enacted to protect the health and safety of citizens residing near residential swimming pools.

The regulations require approval to construct a swimming pool, as defined below, and comply with minimum swimming pool barrier (fence) protection, proper disposal of backwash water, and pool setbacks from onsite water supply (wells) and wastewater disposal systems (septic tank systems).

Application to Construct Residential Swimming Pool

Girl swimming in poolThe application package for approval to construct a residential swimming pool is provided below: 

Who Needs an Approval?

Any person who is constructing an artificial structure which meets the definition of a residential swimming pool:

"Residential Swimming Pool" or "Residential Pool" means an artificial structure, basin, chamber, or tank containing a body of water for the primary purpose of swimming, diving, recreational, or therapeutic bathing. As used in this Ordinance the term is limited to pools which are fitted with a filter for clarifying pool water, or which are designed to be fitted with a filter, whether installed or not. The term shall not include facilities located inside a residence, storable pools, designed for seasonal setup and use which are stored at the end of the swimming season, or spas installed on decks or porches if a fitted hard cover designed to prevent entry is maintained in place at all times when the spa is not in use.

For more information or to obtain an application for a Residential Swimming Pool, call Mecklenburg County Health Department at (704) 336-5101.

Do I Need a Building Permit in Addition to Health Department Approval?

YES. In addition to approval from the Mecklenburg County Health Department, building permits to construct swimming and other type pools in Mecklenburg County must be obtained from the Mecklenburg County Land Use & Environmental Services Agency (LUESA). The NC Building Code requires residential pools to be built in compliance with APPENDIX G of the NC Residential Code, a copy of which can be obtained from LUESA's Residential Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) at (704) 432-7822.

NOTE - Effective January 1, 2008, APPENDIX G requires that new swimming pools, as defined in APPENDIX G, permitted in Mecklenburg County must meet all the MINIMUM requirements of this new building code, even when the local Health Ordinance has a less stringent standard (e.g. fencing height).    

For more information or to obtain an application for a Residential Swimming Pool, call Mecklenburg County Health Department at 704-336-5101.

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