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The North Carolina "Rules Governing the Sanitation Food Service Establishments" require food service operators at festivals, public exhibitions and special events to obtain a permit, from the local health department, to prepare and sell food to the public. These food or drink establishments, considered Temporary Food Establishments (TFE). No food preparation or sale of prepared food is permitted until a permit is issued by the health department. 

Effective September 1, 2012 new TFE regulations were adopted. One of the changes requires all TFE vendors and food service personnel to adhere to an Employee Health Agreement. 

A TFE Event Organizer must submit all Food Vendor Applications, TFE Commissary Applications (when necessary), and an Event Organizer Application to the Mecklenburg County Health Department.

A fee of $75.00 per permit must be paid with each Food Vendor Application. Payment(s), along with the application(s), may be mailed or delivered to the Mecklenburg County Health Department at 700 N. Tryon St., Ste. 208, Charlotte, NC 28202. Credit card payments may be made by calling 704-336-5100.


Please Note:

All applications and fees must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the event. No TFE applications will be accepted after this deadline.


Other Resources:

City or County Fire Department regulations may apply to tents used in conjunction with festivals, public exhibitions and special events. Contact the City of Charlotte or Mecklenburg County Fire Departments depending on the location of your TFE. 

Special Events Recycling Program

In order to make recycling at your event a success, start by requesting a Mecklenburg County Event Recycling Tool Kit.

Contact Mecklenburg County Waste Reduction Staff at 704-432-1772 or you can download the necessary information here:
Event Recycling Toolkit Guidelines and Event Recycling Toolkit Application


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