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Tobacco Use Prevention

Do you want to quit smoking? If so, congratulations! Smoking is the number one preventable cause of death in the U.S. Below are a number of links to resources to help you kick the habit.

Other Helpful Resources:

CDC Grant - Tobacco Prevention and Control
The purpose of the CDC funded grant housed at the Health Department is to prevent deaths and health problems attributable to tobacco use throughout Mecklenburg County. This initiative is focused on promoting smoke-free environments, tobacco-free lifestyles, awareness education about the harms of all tobacco products, prevention of youth initiation of tobacco use and linkage to evidence-based cessation resources for youth and adults who wish to quit tobacco use.

College Tobacco Use
The College Tobacco Use Prevention works with 20+ colleges in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties to prevent and reduce tobacco use by helping colleges develop 100% tobacco-free policies, and helping smokers to quit.


For more information:

Kim Bayha, Health Educator/Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
Mecklenburg County Health Department

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