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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Study

The new Charlotte-Mecklenburg Quality of Life Study (QoL) is now available online.

You can access the Study at The new Study has been updated to include more than 80 NEIGHBORHOOD DATA POINTS, which creates new opportunities for City, County and Town staff to improve business processes and provides residents the ability to evaluate current conditions and potential for community improvement. 

Quality of Life Dashboard

What's New?

The Study is now:

  • Inclusive of the entire County, including all of the Towns

  • Comprised of 464 Neighborhood Profile Areas (NPA's), providing more reflective data

  • Accessed through an Interactive Online 'Dashboard'

  • Illustrated with Maps, Graphs and Resource Links to available departmental websites

  • Customizable, Devoid of the Stable, Challenged and Transitioning labels

How Can I Learn More?

1.     Online Dashboard Tutorial - Available now at

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