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Pretrial Services

Pretrial ServicesPretrial Services serves two important functions in the criminal justice process by 1) Collecting and verifying information about defendants to assist judicial officials in determining conditions of release and 2) Providing supervision of defendants while they await final disposition of their case. The overarching goal of the program is to protect public safety and ensure court appearance.

Defendant information is gathered through an objective, voluntary interview that considers factors shown to be predictive of risk for re-offense and/or failure to appear for court, including: current and pending charges, history of convictions, history of violence, residence stability, community ties, and substance abuse.  

Based on the assessment findings, a recommendation for the defendant's release conditions is determined.  Bail recommendations made by the program conform to 26th Judicial District Bail Policy. Both the assessment and recommendations serve to promote consistent and reasonable bond requirements.  The recommendations offered by Pretrial Services are not binding to the Court.

In-custody defendants meeting program criteria and agreeing to the terms of supervision may be released to Pretrial Services by order of the judicial official.  Supervision requirements, which vary by risk level, may include weekly office visits, substance abuse screening, and referral to community resources. Defendants violating the supervision contract are terminated from the program and returned to jail.

Pretrial Service Initiatives

  • Electronic Monitoring Collaborative with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police
  • Deferred Prosecution Screening
  • Re-engineering



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