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Diversity Learning Opportunities

In August 2008, the County rolled out the Diversity Competency Development Workshop to the all County employees. The workshops are part of the County’s Diversity Management Plan adopted in 2006. The plan calls for Mecklenburg County to be a model diverse organization, and employees will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to implement the plan. One of the first steps in being a model diverse organization is learning new concepts and developing new skills, which we call diversity competencies. These diversity competencies help us recognize and value our own talents and those of others. They also help us maximize our ability to work effectively with others regardless of differences and similarities we may have.

The workshops focus on learning about the values of other cultures, actively questioning behaviors that reflect biases or prejudices, learning how to speak up in an appropriate way about concerns of diversity, striving for consistent and fair treatment within and across departments, enhancing employee involvement in decision making, and dealing with conflict respectfully and productively.

Diversity Competency Workshop Required for New Employees

One of our most important priorities is our focus on diversity. Not only do we have a Diversity Council, but we also have the Diversity Competency Development Workshop that is required for all employees within their one year of employment.


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