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On Healing From Emotional Abuse

Words whizzing through the air like a rubber-tipped bullet from a gun
Finding its entrance through my ears and exploding in my brain.
Words-insulting, demeaning, hurtful and cruel,
Finally resting in my heart and causing untold pain.

Feelings of isolation and hurt so deep,
I sit by numbly. I cannot cry.
I cannot tell anyone. This secret I keep.
So confused and so unhappy, I just want to die.

"You're not good enough. That's why I have affairs."
He laughs at me, and my shoulders droop.
"Don't you understand?" he says. "No one cares.
I'm well respected in my group."

He turned my children against me.
He told them I was nuts.
What kind of man could he be?
I think he is a coward-no ifs ands or buts!

The public doesn't believe me.
He's right. I am insane.
What kind of liar could I be?
To ruin him-is that what I hope to gain?

For many years I tried to make things succeed,
But one person cannot do it all.
It took a long time to heal from his abusive deeds,
But I did, and now I'm walking tall.

Shut up my mouth? Not on your life!
He has a lot of gall!
If I can help another partner or wife,
Then I'm telling it all.

No more secrets! No more lies!
I'm going to be honest from now on.
Why should I do this? What is the prize?
Truth, honor and my self respect! This is a new dawn.

By Judith R. Thompson, Ph.D.

{Copyright 1997} Judith R. Thompson

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