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Teen Dating Violence

Facts About Dating Violence and Domestic Violence

What is domestic violence / dating violence?

It is an action/non-action which is used to gain and maintain control over another person in an intimate relationship.  It may involve physical, sexual or emotional abuse, including pushing, shoving, hitting, threatening, demanding sexual actions and insulting.  Also, intimate violence is a crime.

10 signs of potential dating violence:

    1. Jealousness and possessiveness towards you.
    2. Attempts at control by being bossy to you.
    3. Frightens or intimidates you into fearing how he/she will react to things you say or do.
    4. Is violent and loses temper quickly.
    5. Pressures you sexually.
    6. Abuses alcohol or drugs.
    7. Blames you when he/she mistreats you.
    8. Has a history of bad relationships.
    9. Believes men should be in control and powerful while women should remain submissive and passive.
    10. Your family and friends have warned you about this person or told you they are worried for your safety.

Who can be the victim of domestic violence or dating violence?

Ninety-five percent (95%) of relationship violence involved a male batterer and a female victim.  Violence committed by either victim is wrong and is not part of a healthy relationship.  Victims of domestic violence have diverse racial, socio-economic, age and educational backgrounds.  A person can be abused whether she/he is black, white, poor, rich, petite or tall.

An estimated 28% of young people experience violence in a dating relationship, about the same rate as adult domestic violence.

Domestic violence is the number one cause of homelessness among teens.  One out of every 10 teenagers will experience violence is their dating relationship and 25% of pregnant teenagers experience  physical violence in their relationships, 40% to 60% reporting that the battering had begun or escalated after their boyfriends became aware of the pregnancy.

Domestic violence is always an attempt to gain control over another person in an intimate relationship.

How can the Teen Dating Violence program help?

We have services that provide assistance to teens relating to domestic violence.  Our small group counseling for teens age 13-18 provide then with help and improve skills in the areas of

  1. Self-Esteem
  2. Safety Skills
  3. Conflict Management
  4. Handling Anger
  5. Cycle of Violence
  6. Individual Counseling for Teens 13-18 Years Old
  7. Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention
  8. Domestic Violence Consultation and referrals
  9. Group Training Sessions

Contact the Women's Commission at 704-336-3210 for more information.

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