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Mecklenburg County Community Support Services Women’s Commission Division in Collaboration with Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services are currently accepting applications for TANF/DV funds.  Applications are being accepted from social workers who may be working with TANF or TANF eligible participants that are currently or formerly victims of Domestic Violence. This assistance is designed to help eligible individuals become or maintain self sufficiency.  These funds may be used to help with rental assistance, utilities, storage, or fleeing the abusive relationship.

In order to be eligible for the these funds the participant must be receiving Work First Family Assistance (TANF), or be TANF eligible,  which means the house hold income would fall below the 200% federal poverty guidelines and there are minor children in the home. 

Click here for more information or call 704-353-1688.
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Work First Family Violence Option

Is violence keeping you from working? If so, the Work First Family Violence Option may be able to help.

What can WFFVO do for you:

  • Stop your 24-month time clock temporarily
  • Waive your requirements to complete 35 hours per week of work or work related activities temporarily
  • Allow you to keep information about the other parent of your child(ren) private in the case that it would put you in danger

All information about the abuse is confidential and will not affect your Work First check.

For more information about Work First Family Violence Option contact 704-353-1688

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