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Safe Alliance (formerly known as United Family Services) Domestic Violence programs and the Mecklenburg County Community Support Services' Women's Commission Domestic Violence services have joined forces in a collaborative effort to reach a wider audience by forming the Domestic Violence Speakers Bureau. The hope and goal is to reach more of the community by sharing resources and eliminating duplicate efforts.

United Family Services had managed a Speakers' Bureau over the past twelve years with a pool of staff, advocates and domestic violence survivors. "That will remain the same," states Karen Parker-Thompson, Chief Advancement Officer for Safe Alliance, "and the addition of the Women's Commission gives us a stronger knowledge base and an opportunity to accommodate more trainings, schools, social groups, and community health fairs."

Mike Sexton, Information & Education Coordinator with the Community Support Services Women's Commission will coordinate these efforts. "Safe Alliance and the Women's Commission DV Services bring a wonderful blend from two different perspectives when it comes to domestic violence services," says Sexton. "Safe Alliance is more crisis-oriented with the Shelter for Battered Women and Victims Assistance, while the Women's Commission offers programs and services geared toward self-sufficiency with a long term focus."

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