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Swimming Pool Permit Application Guidelines

swimming poolAny permanent swimming pool in ground or above ground needs to be permitted regardless of building materials. Generally, this process involves the approval by three departments:
  • Zoning
  • Health Department
  • Residential Permitting - for residential pools only


If you apply:

1.  In person, via fax or via mail, then you need the following forms:

a.  Building Permit Application
b.  Plot Plan for Building Permit Application
c.  Health Department Pool Construction Application and Plot Plan (different from the plot plan mentioned above)

2.  If you have an account with the County (Bond) and intend to apply via the Internet using your account and fax in the Internet Plot Plan, then you need the following forms:

a.  Plot Plan - Internet version
b.  Health Department Pool Construction  Application and Plot Plan (different than the plot plan mentioned above)


Regardless of the application  method, the following needs to take place before residential permitting can process and issue your permit:

1.  The application needs to be approved by Zoning.

a.  The County can only zone properties located in Mint Hill, Matthews and Pineville and some areas of Huntersville.
b.  Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson and some areas of Huntersville will handle their own zoning; therefore, you need to take your application directly to them before sending to residential permitting for final approval and permit issuance.

2.  The Health Department needs to receive the Application for Residential Pool Construction, the Plot Plan for Swimming Pool Installation and all applicable fees. If you have a Bond with the County, you can fax the forms directly to the Health Department and your account will be charged for the applicable fees. If you don't have an account, then it is your responsibility to provide other means of payment directly to the Health Department. Please note that the Health Department pool permit application is different than the Building Permit submitted to the residential permitting department.


Please note that if any electrical work is done in conjunction with the pool (e.g. water pump), an electrical permit is needed and the electrical contractor (licensed and bonded with the County) needs to be listed in the same Building Permit Application. Also, if a gas pool heater is installed as well, a mechanical permit is needed and the contractor (licensed and bonded with the County) needs to be listed in the same Building Permit Application. The Building Permit needs to be complete and fully in order to be approved (e.g. size of the pool, utilities, cost, number of electrical and/or gas connections, etc.).

Like any other building permit, contractors are required to have a Bond with the County before they can apply for the Building Permit. Also if the total project cost is $30,000 or more, a General Contractor state license is needed in conjunction with the Bond. If the homeowner intends to pull his own permit, it can be done as long as the homeowner is willing to comply with General Statute 87-1 and County regulations and follow the above mentioned procedures.


Residential Permitting - 704-432-3119
Health Department - 704-336-5101

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