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Re-Inspection Fee Program

Revised Fees Effective 10/1/02  -  Download the  APPEAL FORM.

The re-inspection fee structure is based on an evaluation of each project with regard to the project code defect rate (failed inspections divided by total inspections for all trades) at project completion. A recap sheet showing the amount of inspections and failures per trade is issued with the Certificate of Occupancy (CO). The project's code defect rate is compared to the Reinspection Fee Adjustment Schedule and, prior to issuance of the CO, either a charge or credit is calculated based on the original permit fee, and applied to the general contractor's account.  View the Reinspection Fee Adjustment Schedule, as stipulated by the BOCC in their 9/18/02 meeting.

The Fee Adjustment Schedule will be applied to projects, with limits to minimum and maximum charges or credits as follows:

Small projects (less than or equal to a $100 permit fee or $10,000 construction value)
     > Charges: by % on fee adjustment schedule
         > Minimum charge: not less $25 per permit
         > Maximum charge: no maximum
     > Credits: no credit given

Large projects (greater than a $100 permit fee or $10,000 construction value)
     > Charges: By % on fee adjustment schedule
         > Minimum charge: no minimum
         > Maximum charge: not more than $90 per failed inspection
     > Credits: By % on fee adjustment schedule
         > Minimum credit: no minimum
         > Maximum credit: to be calculated as follows:
             - credit = (a-b) x $90, where
             - "a" is 30% of total inspections
             - "b" is the number of inspections failed
             - difference times $90 per saved inspection

The re-inspection fee schedule implemented April 1, 2000 (as amended by the BOCC on 9/18/02) will be applied to all projects, large and small. The responsibility or conduit for charges and credits will be as follows:

  • Whoever applies for and pays for the permit (permit applicant) will receive any fee adjustments at issuance of CO, completion of the work or closeout of the job. These contractors will be responsible for the project inspection failure rate of all sub-contractors working on the project.
  • For projects with multiple trades but no general contractor, a lead contractor, responsible for all subcontractor's code defect rates and any fee adjustment, will be assigned from the Small Project Lead Contractor Schedule (available from Code Enforcement).
  • On Commercial projects with multi-primes, where some work is beyond control of the permit applicant, the general contractor and other prime contractors will have individual code defect rate responsibility, unless they agree otherwise.
  • The reports will be based on code defect performance on the structure (per house, per project, etc) at the completion of the work (at the Certificate of Occupancy stage).
  • For all other conditions not prescribed herein, the Director will propose responsibility for charges and credits after consulting with the Code Compliance Task Force.


  • The program provides incentives for those contractors who minimize the use of inspectors' time to verify code compliant construction, in terms of credits applied to a contractor's account (effectively reduced permit fees).
  • Conversely, disincentives, up to and including a 50% increase in a project's permit fee, will be levied against those contractors whose projects produce code defect rates above 15%.
  • Together, incentives and disincentives should conserve inspector time, reduce our trades inspection workload, and have a positive impact on our overall response time.

Reinspection Fee Adjustment Schedule

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