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Building Inspection Checklist

(This is not intended to be a complete list of items to be checked)


Framing Inspection

  1. All mechanical trades are complete (plumbing, HVAC, and electrical)
  2. The roof is complete and sealed (i.e. roof boots, shingle vent, etc.)
  3. All exterior windows and doors are installed
  4. All openings are sealed against weather (i.e. all fireplaces must be installed)
  5. All bearing points and point loads are supported properly (proper number of jacks under girders, beams down to the foundation, etc.)
  6. All foundation straps or bolts are in place and secured properly
  7. All fire-stopping and draft stopping is in place
  8. All hangers and/or ledger strips are in place and fastened correctly
  9. All engineered members are braced and fastened according to the engineered drawings
  10. Structural sheathing is fastened per code including blocking horizontal seams
  11. All framing members and sheathing attached per required nailing schedules
  12. All flashing, brick, stoops, doors and windows (if required) must be in place
  13. Permit is posted where visible from the street
  14. Headers are installed and are properly sized and supported per code
  15. Any damaged engineered components have been repaired according to a stamped engineered repair letter and a copy of that letter is left in the house with truss drawings and blue prints.
  16. Approved Master Plan or Plan review plans if required.


Insulation Inspection

  1. Any inspector items from frame inspection are 100% completed
  2. All mechanical trade inspections are complete
  3. Tub and shower traps are fireblocked
  4. All small holes in area requiring fireblocking are stuffed with unfaced insulation
  5. All insulation baffles are in place
  6. Cathedral ceilings and areas beneath furnace platform are batted with R-30 or greater
  7. All side walls and floors are properly attached with correct R-Value
  8. The (MEC check) is in the window, if used


Final Building Inspection

  1. Blown insulation is completed with an insulation certificate card posted in the attic
  2. Pull down stairs are installed per manufacturers' requirements
  3. Glass shower enclosures are complete and the required tempered stamp present
  4. Wall rails and banisters are properly installed
  5. Garage area is properly firestopped
  6. All exterior penetrations are sealed
  7. All exterior wood has at least a prime coat of paint
  8. House numbers are installed
  9. Exterior concrete is in place and final grading, positive drainage away from the residence



  1. Only one rule - make sure it is ready

This checklist is an aid in preparing a site for the CEO Inspection visit. It is not inclusive of all code requirements. Ultimately, the contractor is responsible for his work to be code compliant as described in the full body of the NCSBC.

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