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Overtime Inspections Program (OTI)

Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement manages approximately 25,000 to 30,000 inspection requests per month, or roughly 1300 per day. Many construction projects will benefit from the ability to schedule inspections after hours and weekends. The " Overtime Inspections Program (OTI)" is a premium service, using existing staff on a volunteer basis for a premium fee. This fee would be over and above the normal permit fee.

Overtime Inspections Program

  1. OTI inspections are inspections scheduled outside our normal business hours (i.e. Mon-Fri 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.). weekends or holidays
  2. Scheduled inspection requests starting during our normal business hours and running beyond our normal business hours or requests starting before our normal business hours and running into our normal business hours are considered OTIs.  Examples are requests from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. or 6 a.m.-9 a.m.
  3. The Department will charge a premium fee of $115 an hour for each trade used for OTI.
  4. There are no guarantees on inspector availability.
  5. The customer should request an OTI from Office Staff via email or phone (704-200-4940).  
  6. The coordinator will set up the OTI request based upon the customer's requested dates and times. OTI requests can be submitted any time during our normal business hours (i.e. Mon-Fri 8a.m -5p.m).  The request must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to the inspection start time.  This will allow sufficient time to coordinate the inspection team that will cover the request.  The Program Coordinator will advise the customer of OTI availability.
  7. The Program Coordinator will solicit volunteer inspectors to fill the time requested.  Program Coordinator will communicate inspection confirmation, inspector(s)'s name and phone number to customer
  8. Program Coordinator will notify Trade supervisor of OTI request dates, times and inspector(s) covering the request.
  9. Special project information (based upon size, if possible):
    1. We recommend that a locked staging area be provided within the building footprint dedicated to OTI Inspectors for plan review and log book entry.
    2. We recommend that copies of the floor plan be kept to document inspections performed and to keep a visual inspection trail.
      The Program Coordinator should determine any other special provision that would assist the OTI and help set-up the jobsite, specific to that project. Special project criteria should be addressed and discussed at the initial meeting stages.
  10. Field Inspectors will perform the OTI based on customer needs.
  11. Code interpretation issues that arise during an OTI will be discussed with the assigned Field Inspector for resolution.
  12. Work must be code compliant; inspectors are not to be used to provide lengthy code compliant punch lists.

Requested Inspection Times

  1. The inspection will be performed as scheduled, with the results entered electronically.
  2. OTI Inspectors are assigned to the project and will remain on site for the duration of the time requested.
  3. If the customer has inspection issues or concerns, those should be addressed to the Program Coordinator and then should be brought to the specific Trade Supervisor or Core Process Manager for resolution.
  4. Contractor requesting OTI is responsible fro estimating the number of OTI hours, so that fees will be charged to contractor's account upfront.
  5. OTI requests are limited to a minimum of 3 hours per request, which includes 1 hour inspector's drive time.
  6. If travel conditions cause the inspector to be late, the inspector will advise the assigned contact person.
  7. County approved construction documents, including revisions and critical documentation (i.e., sealed truss drawings, engineering letters, and test reports), must be on site for the duration of the inspection.


  1. A minimum of 3 hours is required for each OTI request.
  2. All OTI hours will be charged to the contractor's account upfront.  If contractor needs additional OTI hours; a new request must be submitted to the Program Coordinator.
    • Exceptions: If inspection is critical, inspector may use discretion and extend OTI hours if OTI Coordinator is not available.
    • In this case, inspector will hold inspection results until next business day when OTI Coordinator has applied fees to contractor's account to cover the additional hours. 
  3. Only contractors with active accounts with Mecklenburg County are eligible.
  4. Once OTI request has been processed and contractor's account has been charged, no refund is due unless cancellation is submitted to Program Coordinator (via email or phone) 72 hours prior to the scheduled OTI
  5. The hourly charge rate will incorporate full program costs (i.e., full burden including travel time, Program Coordinator cost, miscellaneous support, Department overhead, etc).


  1. The following is a clarification of the July 21, 2004 Department Policy On Added Service Overtime Inspections Voluntarily Requested By Customers:

a) The Inspections by Appointment/Overtime Inspection Task Force reviewed this document.
b) OTI is a voluntary program; therefore, the Overtime Inspections Qualification List is not required, as it is related to FY05 overtime funds.
c) This document serves to validate the OTI program.

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