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Address Verification for Plan Submittal

If you have an existing, established address, you can create your own verification form and avoid faxing requests, and standing in line at the Addressing Counter!


The primary reason for the address verification form is to correctly identify the address where the work is being performed. It is necessary for inspectors in the field inspecting and for the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. The ability to place a permit on the correct address is imperative to avoid problems during the plan review, permitting and inspection process.


In certain limited circumstances, it is not possible to provide a permanent address at the time of the submittal of the OnSchedule application. In these instances, it is possible to work with Addressing to create a temporary address in order to begin the process. The temporary address will be used ONLY during the plan review process. Permanent addresses must be established prior to permitting.

Types of Projects eligible for temporary address:

  • Projects that require Multi-Family approval
  • Projects that require Subdivision approval
  • Projects that require Planning approval


  • Verifications for NEW  CONSTRUCTION must still be obtained from Addressing, either at the Addressing Counter, or by faxed requests.
  • If there is a suite number/unit number associated with your address, it must already be in the database; otherwise, you will still need to contact Addressing for a verification form, and to have the unit number entered into the address database.
  • Check all your information carefully before completing the form. Incorrect or false information will only cause further delays, and will result in a charge if the address on an issued permit must be changed.
  • The verification form must be submitted with the following:
    • CTAC plan submittal
    • OnSchedule/Express Review application form


Search for your address using the instructions listed. Be sure to check for your specific suite or unit number, if needed. Once you have determined that the address you need is in the database, you are ready to create and print the verification form.

Go to the address verification/address lookup

Download Address Verification Information

rev. 6/23/2010

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