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 Current Plumbing Code Interpretations

Current Plumbing Code Interpretations
Adjacent Facilities in Restaurants.pdfSelect one:Adjacent Facilities in Restaurants
Alternative for drinking fountains.pdf4Alternative for drinking fountains
Approved Oil Separators  2002.pdf10Approved Oil Separators 2002
CharlotteRainfallCharts2008.pdfSelect one:CharlotteRainfallCharts2008
DishwasherAbsentonFinal.pdfSelect one:DishwasherAbsentonFinal
Elevator Drainage.pdf
Checked Out To: Ravi, VishnupriyaElevator Drainage.pdf
Checked Out To: Ravi, Vishnupriya7Elevator Drainage
Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer.pdfSelect one:Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer
NCDENRApproach.pdfSelect one:NCDENRApproach
PAlternative Method for Ridgid Pro Press.pdf6PAlternative Method for Ridgid Pro Press
Plan Review Required.pdf3Plan Review Required
Plumbing Shell Policy.pdfSelect one:Plumbing Shell Policy
Plumbing Shell with Core Policy.pdfSelect one:Plumbing Shell with Core Policy
PlumbingQA.pdfSelect one:PlumbingQA
PWC Rough policy.pdfSelect one:PWC Rough policy
Temporary Facilities.pdfSelect one:Temporary Facilities
Tub Overflow Offsets.pdfSelect one:Tub Overflow Offsets
Unheated Space.pdf4Unheated Space

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