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​Code Heroes
In celebration of National Customer Service Week each year, Mecklenburg County recognizes its own customer service heroes. These are individuals who are nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Customer Service Coordinating Council, based on contributions that exemplify the County's customer service standards: ethics, communication, timeliness, courtesy and respect, and service quality.
Customer service heroism is in evidence throughout Code Enforcement. Several Code employees have been honored in Outlook magazine. Here's a glimpse at the honorees and their accomplishments:
Sheldon Nussbaum, Customer Service Hero
Sheldon Nussbaum was honored in the November 2008 issue of Outlook magazine as a customer service hero.
Nussbaum, a plumbing inspector, was hired in 1988 as a field inspector. He is an accomplished trainer and has helped improve internal processes, such as plan review and permit writing. He worked on the new inspections employee orientation manual, which helps speed new employees' assimilation. According to Nussbaum's nomination, "It is his can-do spirit and willingness to take on these difficult tasks that inspire us all, exceeding the County's Customer Service Standard for Communication." Nussbaum earned the customer service honor for his excellent communication.

Ken Kiser, Customer Service HeoKen Kiser was honored in Outlook magazine as a 2006 customer service hero for his timeliness.
Kiser, a residential trades inspector, reviews inspections and records vital data about each job. He deftly juggles a schedule that involves making appointments and visiting a variety of job sites. He is noted for his conscientiousness regarding timely inspections and his willingness to accommodate customers outside normal working hours. Kiser, his peers say in his nomination, is a team player. "Ken is eager to assist other inspectors with their work, if necessary, while keeping his same approach to timeliness in arriving at the jobsite and performing the inspections." Kiser earned the customer service honor for his timeliness.
Regina Knox, Customer Service Hero
Regina Knox, an inspection coordinator, was a Mecklenburg County customer service hero in 2006 when she worked for Park & Recreation. Knox's supervisors at Freedom Park, constantly received letters and phone calls from customers who praised her work, her attitude and her commitment to meeting their needs. She ensured that the Freedom facilities were clean and prepared for events, and that vendors' needs were also met. Knox started distributing a thank-you card with a survey that got a high return rate, and a brochure that helped customers choose vendors such as caterers and decorators. Knox earned the customer service honor for her service quality.

Mary Caulder , an inspection coordinator, Mary Caulder, Customer Service Herowas honored in Outlook magazine as a Mecklenburg County customer service hero in 2005.
As the County's point person during the construction of Northlake Mall, Caulder helped store owners prepare for the opening. She coordinated inspections and addressed occupancy issues involving 142 stores, restaurants and storage facilities near Interstate 77 and W.T. Harris Boulevard. As the date approached, all the work took on fresh urgency, but Caulder kept work on schedule and logged many extra hours to help ensure a successful opening day. Caulder earned the customer service honor for her timeliness.

Jim Mullis, Customer Service Hero
Jim Mullis , a building trades inspector, was honored in Outlook magazine as a Mecklenburg County customer service hero in 2005. He was the core process supervisor until his retirement in April 2005.
According to Mullis's nomination, "I have never observed anyone who can remain diplomatic and yet enforce the code with such a common-sense approach. He can talk or work with anyone from the homeowner who 'just doesn't know' to the most qualified experts in the construction field." Mullis's colleagues said just being around him improved their skills as inspectors and in dealing with clients. Mullis earned the customer service honor for his service quality.

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