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Poll Worker Position Details

Poll Worker Position Details


The Chief Judge is the head official and is in charge of contacting the voting place contacts and precinct officials to make arrangements for each election.  The Chief Judge is responsible for handling Election Day activities, delegating duties, as well as delivering returns to the BOE office on election night.  For a busy election, it can be a very long day.  Chief Judges are paid $200 and must attend a mandatory training session. Chief Judges receive an additional $25 for the mandatory training.   

The Judges work closely with the Chief Judge and are responsible for conducting the election in the event of the Chief Judge’s absence.  They must sign all official documents and serve on a panel with the Chief Judge to resolve any challenges.  The Republican and Democratic Judges are paid $150 and must attend a mandatory training session.  Judges receive an additional $25 for the mandatory training.

The Provisional/Transfer Assistant is responsible for handling provisional and transfer voters.  They use the Precinct Automation Device to assist voters so typing and customer service skills are required.  They must attend a mandatory training session and become proficient in the laws governing provisional and transfer voters. Provisional/Transfer Assistants are paid $125 and receive $25 for the mandatory training.

The Equipment Assistant must be comfortable working with touch screen machines and understand mechanical terminology to perform duties as instructed.  All Equipment Assistants must attend an initial training and demonstrate proficiency in opening, operating and closing voting equipment.   Equipment Assistants are paid $125 and $25 for the one time training.

The Assistants serve when needed and at the discretion and direction of the Chief Judge.  They receive instruction from their Chief Judge prior to Election Day.  Assistants must help with set up on the day prior to the election as well.  Assistants are paid $100.

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