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2013 Audit Reports

All Audit reports are PDF files that are sorted by audit type (Assurance, Follow-Up and Investigation). The columns, left to right, display the Report Number|Project Description, Department|Agency and Report Date.

collapse Audit Type : Assurance ‎(4)
1269 Accounts Payable and PCardsMeckLINK Behavioral Healtcare | Provided Services Organization1/3/2013
1268 NOVA Cash Receipts and ComplianceCommunity Support Services Agency3/8/2013
1270 Body ManagementMedical Examiner3/15/2013
1163 Valuations and AppealsTax Assessor4/26/2013
collapse Audit Type : Investigation ‎(2)
1301 Class System InvestigationPark and Recreation3/25/2013
1302 Computer Theft InvestigationBusiness Support Services Agency7/30/2013



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