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Vehicle Assessing

Beginning July 2013, the Department of Motor Vehicles will start sending combined invoices for both registration renewal AND property tax to owners of vehicles registered in the state. All 100 counties of North Carolina are preparing now for this transition.  Since vehicle registrations and tax payments are staggered throughout the year, the program will not be completely implemented until mid-year 2014. This new Tag and Tax Together program was designed to collect vehicle property taxes along with registration renewals more efficiently, while making it more convenient for owners to pay them together.

Tag and Tax Together LogoThe Assessor's Office and the Office of the Tax Collector are implementing the new system within Mecklenburg County. For more information click on the Tag & Tax together logo at right.

Vehicle Assessing

Out with the old…
The previous system was enacted into law (NCGS 105-330) in 1993. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has provided lists of vehicles whose license tags had been issued or renewed each month to the Counties. The Assessor’s Office for each County would value the vehicles and assess property taxes based on the values. Owners have been receiving their bills approximately three months after the tags were renewed or issued.


Assessment of Vehicles

Vehicle owners have been required to pay the tax bills before registrations could be renewed the following year. Any adjustments to value for specific circumstances such as high mileage or vehicle condition have been processed by the Assessor’s Office after billing.

In addition to other collection remedies (i.e. garnishment and attachment), the statute allowed the Tax Collector to block the vehicle registration preventing the taxpayer from renewing the registration until taxes are paid.


Vehicle Tax Bills
Information on registered motor vehicles is secured by Federal law to preserve the privacy and welfare of citizens. While other property information is accessible to the public, vehicle data is restricted to those with an official need-to-know. Therefore, owners who are seeking assistance on valuations and tax bills for their vehicles must have their bills or registration to receive help specific to their situations.


Please let us answer any questions you may have:

311 - inside Mecklenburg County, or

704-336-4600 - from outside the County.


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