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Filing An Extension

Per NC Statute 105-307, requests for extensions for filing Business Personal Property Listings must be in writing, giving "good cause" and postmarked by the U. S. Postal Service no later than January 31st.   Please keep in mind that just because you take your requests to the Post Office on the 31st doesn't mean the envelope will be postmarked on the 31st.  We suggest you have the post office hand stamp the date.  Extensions will be granted until April 15th.  We will also accept your faxed requests.  Remember that we always go by the "DBA" name.

Also, please update your request list.  It is extremely time consuming to look up an account number that was deleted and out of business five years ago.

For existing accounts, account numbers are required.  For new locations and new accounts, the business street address must be given along with the mailing address.  Beginning in 2004, if this information is not provided, the request will be denied.

The mailing address for extensions is:

Tax Assesor
             P.O. Box 36819
             Charlotte, NC 28236
             Attn: Extension

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