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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reflect deletions and additions in the list of equipment section?
Subtract or add cost figures in the year in which it was purchased.

How do I change our name and address?
Use the online form, print and fax to 704-336-6386 or mail to our office.

How is  Business Personal Property assessed?
Depreciation factors are applied to the cost provided by the taxpayer to reach an estimated market value.

What do I do if I closed my business?
If your business is closed or was sold, please fax or mail a letter stating:
Account #
Doing Business As Name or Old Business Name (if sold)
Contact name & phone#
Date closed or sold
How equipment was disposed of (if closed)

How do I file for an extension for existing or new accounts?
If you wish to obtain an extension for filing a return, you must request same in writing giving good cause by January 31st for same year.  For existing accounts, account numbers are required for all extension requests.  For new accounts, give Doing Business As name, mailing address, and physical location.  No written confirmation will be returned.

How do I fill out supplies?
List Supplies On Hand on January 1st if physical inventory taken OR total supplies for the year and divide by 12.

If I didn't buy anything last year, do I have to list?
Yes;  a return is required each year with the cost of all assets.

What is the mailing address?
Mailing address is on the back of the form at the bottom.

What is CIP?
Construction in Progress of Business Personal Property, not Real Estate.

Why is my physical address different on my bill?
We have to match a parcel with each account and your physical address might be different than the address on the Real Estate card closest to your address.

What do I do with old equipment brought into a new business?
List it in year acquired at original cost.  Make note in margin old equipment brought into business.

What does "discovery" mean on my bill?
The equipment, furniture or fixtures was not timely listed on the original form in any given year.

What does index mean?
For details, call the Personal Property Dept.

How do I fill out the Business Personal Property form?
See the instruction sheet or call Personal Property Dept.

Do I have to send the list of Leased Equipment in every year?
Yes;  the information does not carry over in our computer each year.

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