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2011 BER Hearing Decisions
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Tax Year 2011 - Board of Equalization and Review Decisions
Listed by Docket Date

The Board regularly schedules hearings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to consider appeals for 2011.  You may search for a particular hearing in using the following steps:

    1)    Click on the hearing date of interest to link to the docket for that day.  
                                            - Or - 
    2)    Enter the 8-9 character parcel number (without hyphens) in the search box at the upper right of the screen, and click the magnifying glass icon at the end, to bring up the docket in which the hearing for the parcel is contained.

Webpage Search Box

            Clicking on the docket title will open the pdf for viewing/saving.

Docket found by webpage search

    3)    The docket is sorted in order of hearing, rather than in parcel number order. Therefore, you may have to scroll down to find the search parcel online.

    4)    Save the docket to your computer, and then open the saved copy: Acrobat Reader will allow you to search the docket for a parcel number or other text.
Acrobat Reader Find Box  Entering text will replace the word "Find".  Acrobat Reader Find Box with entry

November 22 - No Hearing
December 27 - No Hearing
May 29 - No Hearing
July 3 - No Hearing
September 4 - No Hearing
2011 Hearings Ended
November 23 - No Hearing
December 28 - No Hearing
May 30-No Hearing
July 4-No Hearing
September 5 - No Hearing
2011 Hearings Ended
August 11 - No Hearing
November 24 - No Hearing
December 29 - No Hearing
May 31 - No Hearing
July 5 - No Hearing
September 6 - No Hearing
2011 Hearings Ended

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