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How GRADE Works...

The GRADE program is simple and can be sub-divided into four steps:

1.   Application Submittal:  Complete the 1-page project application that describes both the existing equipment/engine and the desired replacement equipment/engine. (Hint: older, high use equipment tend to make the most competitive projects)

2.   Project Selection and Funding Agreement:  Awards are made by a selection committee who consider factors like the amount of pollution reduced, the cost per pound of pollution reduced, and the amount of time spent in eligible region once a project has been awarded GRADE funding.  Each award is followed by a funding agreement that outlines the terms of the grant, such as the amount of the award, eligible expenses, and the disposal of the old equipment.

3.   Project Completion and Reimbursement:  Once the repower or replacement is complete and the old engine has been disposed of, reimbursements will be made as outlined in the funding agreement.

4.   Usage Reporting: Semi-annual equipment usage reports should be submitted for five years following project completion.  This information makes it possible to track the amount of pollution reduced by each project.

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