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Tank farm

Some of the businesses and industry in Mecklenburg County may require air quality permits issued by MCAQ.  These permits range from large industry such as a foundry to smaller air emission sources such as dry cleaners and gas stations.

Currently there are over 650 permitted air pollution sources in Mecklenburg County including:

  • Major sources emitting greater than 100 tons actual emissions
  • Minor sources emitting less than 100 tons
  • Gasoline distribution facilities (not including terminals)
  • Parking lots/decks/garages
The Air Quality Section  provides general information (name, location, mailing address, etc.) for stationary sources permitted in Mecklenburg County. Please call 704/336-5430 and make your request for the information (hard copy, disk, or E-mail) to an Air Quality Secretary. You can also access specific information on permitted air quality sources at the Air Pollution Facility Database.
If you are a business representative, and are interested in local air quality regulations, permitting procedures and applications, check out the Permitting & Regulations section of this site.

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