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Mecklenburg County Desires To Engage Private Engineering Or Landscape Architectural Firms (Pef Or Plaf) To Provide Planning And Design Services For Little Sugar Creek Greenway, Park Road To Cadillac Avenue

(Ncdot Tip Project Eb-4715 Phase E)

Inquiries/Questions and Deadline -
All inquires/questions regarding this RFQ must be directed to Ms. Weston-Chien by FAX or email (see 6.1) and must reach his office by Monday 12:00 noon, February 11, 2013


Little Sugar Creek Greenway, is located in southern Mecklenburg County; it consists of a greenway trail project approximately 5 miles long connecting Park Road to Cadillac Avenue near Interstate I-485 (excluding those sections already constructed in the Huntingtowne Farms Neighborhood). See the map at the end of this RFQ illustrates general alignment and potential access trails. The project includes the design of asphalt greenway trails, multiple pedestrian bridges and boardwalks. This project is funded in part by a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) grant and thus must follow the requirements outlined by NCDOT for consultant selection and project review.


Download Details of Request For Proposal

Acceptance Location:
Asset Facility Management
3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 101,
Charlotte, NC 28208

Expiration Date:
2/18/2013 12:00 PM

Contact Name:

Karen Weston-Chien, Project Manager
Mecklenburg County Asset Facility Management,
3205 Freedom Drive, Suite 101,
Charlotte, NC 28208

FAX: 704-432-0633

Contact Email: