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Special event passenger vehicle for hire permits for the DNC
The Passenger Vehicle for Hire (“PVH”) office will be granting special event permits for transportation companies and drivers who would like to operate a vehicle for hire during the DNC. These special event permits will be valid from August 31 through September 7.

Types of permits granted are (1) driver’s permit, (2) vehicle permit and (3) company operating certificate. Each vehicle must have a permit, and each driver for that vehicle must have a driver’s permit.  All permit applications will be accepted from July 16 through August 17.

Companies and drivers have two options for obtaining a special event permit:  
  1. apply directly to the PVH office to obtain the necessary certificates/permits; or 
  2. affiliate with a company that currently has an operating certificate with PVH. 

If you are interested in affiliating with a company already certified, you should contact the company directly for a special temporary permit. List of licens​ed companies​

To apply directly to PVH for a new permit or operating certificate, go here. This page provides all information that the PVH office will need to grant a permit, including fingerprint cards and criminal history information. 

PVH will examine the criminal history of all applicants to ensure they comply with PVH Ordinance regulations.
For all additional questions, please call the PVH Office at 704-398-6765.

A note regarding on-demand pickup services at the airport: The following companies have contracts for on-demand pickup services at the airport: 

  • Taxi USA, LLC d/b/a Yellow Cab
  • City Cab
  • Crown Cab

No other vehicles for hire can pick up passengers at the airport unless the pickup has been prearranged with the passenger.