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Rezoning Petition 2007-085



Matthew Browder

Current Zoning:

 I-1 & I-2

Proposed Zoning:



Approximately 2.57 acres located on the south side of E. Westinghouse Blvd between South Blvd and Old Nations Ford Rd

Public Hearing Date:

December 17, 2007







This Petition has been Indefinitely Deferred.



Rezoning Information 

Contact Person

Rezoning Application

Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Rezoning Application Revised Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Rezoning Application 2nd Revision Tim Manes (704)-336-8320

Rezoning Locator Map

Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Rezoning Locator Map Revised Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Rezoning Locator Map 2nd Revision Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Site Plan Tim Manes (704)-336-8320

Departmental /
Staff Comments

Contact Person

Staff Analysis

Tim Manes (704)-336-8320 


Scott Putnam (704)-336-7085

CDOT Memo Revised

Scott Putnam (704)-336-7085

Storm Water

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

City Engineering

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Mecklenburg Co. LUESA Heidi Pruess (704)-336-5597

School Board

Scott McCully (980)-343-6246

Charlotte Area Transit

David McDonald (704)-336-6900

Parks & Recreation Dept.

Donnie Morgan (704)-336-8834

Fire Dept.

Joseph Turner (704)-336-3814

Community Report

Tim Manes (704)-336-8320 

Solid Waste Services Eric Nachamie (704)-336-7810

Zoning Committee Recommendation

Tim Manes (704)-336-8320



For Information regarding the Rezoning Process
Please contact Planning Staff:
John Kinley (704) 336-8311
Solomon Fortune (704) 336-8326
Claire Lyte-Graham (704) 336-3782
Sonja S. Sanders (704)-336-8327
Tammie Keplinger (704)-336-5967

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Phone: (704)-336-2205
Fax Number: (704)-336-5123