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Brevard Street Urban Design Study

 Brevard Street


Brevard Street Urban Design Study  
(Adopted by City Council on March 24, 2008)


Project Description:
In 2002, the City of Charlotte undertook a master plan study of the Second Ward area, following the completed 2010 Center City Vision Plan.  The study further redefined goals established in the 2010 Plan: "To create a livable and memorable urban neighborhood in the heart of the City, through mixed land uses, diverse architecture and housing types, unique infrastructure and a hierarch of Open Spaces."  The study established methods for turning Second Ward into a "neighborhood" and less like a group of disconnected institutional and public buildings.

This study looks a the opportunities for enhancing the

Brevard Street
area from the new Charlotte arena to the convention center.  Secondly, it examines the possible synergies with the additional of a NASCAR Hall of Fame and convention center expansion combined.  Establishing a "connectivity framework" is addressed in the study.  The total area impacted consists of nine blocks bound by
East Second Street
East Trade Street
, the Charlotte Trolley tracks and
South Caldwell Street
.  Within these boundaries, nearly forty acres of prime development land exists.  In addition, development opportunities also exists east of
Caldwell Street
and south of
East Stonewall Street
, where an additional twelve acres could become available through modifications to the existing I-277 interchange exists.  This area could potentially accommodate future Convention Center expansion, high-density development and better, direct linkage between Dilworth and the proposed NASCAR Hall of Fame.



Brevard Street Plan