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Smart Growth


Sustainable Growth Strategy for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Presentation
January 10, 2007



Smart Growth Principles were adopted by City Council in March 2001.

1.  Maintain land use planning capacity
Use comprehensive and area development plans to address growth and revitalization goals.  Consider both short-term and long-term time horizons as well as collaboration and public involvement needs.

2.  Sustain effective land use decisions
Implement land use plans and Smart Growth Principles considering budget decisions, regulatory standards, processes and decisions, collaboration, and public involvement needs.

3.  Strengthen community through healthy neighborhoods
Build and maintain sustainable neighborhoods considering: stable, fragile and threatened area needs, both residential and non-residential neighborhoods; variety in housing type and cost; natural environmental conditions; schools and open space needs; and safety.

4.  Build a competitive economic edge
Support, retain and attract a strong economic base considering: global competitive advantages and issues; revitalization and infill opportunities; and inner city, mid-city and edge city conditions.

5.  Design for livability
Promote sound, well designed development through clear design and use standards, and consider good pedestrian and vehicular connectivity, innovative land use and site planning, and architectural design to support urban character and intensity.

6.  Safeguard the environment
Integrate protection of natural resources with planning and development decisions considering land, sir and water quality, open space provision and tree protection.

7.  Expand transportation choices
Build a multi-modal transportation system based on integrated land use and transportation planning in consideration of expanded travel choices, advance livability and community building goals, and furtherance of regional collaboration.

8.  Use public investment as a catalyst
Use public investment in both services and infrastructure as a catalyst for desired development outcomes considering growth and revitalization needs, coordinate timing and funding of needs, and implementation of adopted plans.




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