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The Great American Cleanup (GAC) is the nation’s largest annual community improvement program that takes place March 1 - May 31.
In 2013, 4.5 million Great American Cleanup volunteers worked tirelessly to clean, beautify and improve 21,000 communities across the country. Activities included but were not limited to:

     • Picking up an estimated 40 million pounds of litter and debris
     • Beautifying 81,000 acres of parks and public lands
     • Cleaning 8,400 miles of rivers, lakes and shorelines
     • Planting 105 million bulbs and flowers
     • Removing graffiti from 13,8000 locations and
     • Planting 87,000 trees
Join us as we keep Charlotte beautiful by organizing your own Great American Cleanup event. We are happy to provide trash bags, pickers and safety vests.
IMG_7370.jpgProgram suggestions:
   • Host a tree planting party
   • Adopt a city street and participate in the
      Adopt-a-City Street volunteer challenge
   • Clean up a field that has become an  
      illegal dump site
   • Collect recyclable and reusable items on 
      your block
The possibilities are endless -- the choice to make a difference is yours. So roll up your sleeves and have fun. Your efforts to improve your community will be a source of pride for everyone.
For more information, please email or call 704-353-1235.