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Rehabilitation Contractor Resources
The City of Charlotte accepts general contractors & skilled tradesmen to participate in various single family rehabilitation projects through the Safe Home and Lead Safe housing programs. Contractors must have a NC General Contractor’s License if bidding over $30,000 and an appropriate amount of insurance depending on bid specifications. 
Rehabilitation contracts will be awarded through a public procurement process in which a bid request will be sent to registered contractors. To participate, complete a Contractor’s application through the link below or download and mail in the application.  Contact Jim Mahon at jmmahon@charlottenc.gov or 704-432-2321 with any questions or to have an application form mailed to you.

Contractor’s Registration Links

Resources for Contractors

Open Bid Opportunities - download the bid package by clicking the link under Job/Bid Package

Job​/ Bid Package ​Job Type ​Bid Walk Date ​Bid Opening Date
Ashley​General Contractor12/10/14​​12/19/14
​Glendevon​General Contractor12/10/14​12/19/14​
​Campus​General Contractor12/10/14​12/19/14​
​​​​Keswick A​Lead Abatement12/9/14​​12/16/14
Keswick B​​Lead Abatement​​12/9/14​12/16/14
Ramona​General Contractor12/9/14​​12/16/14
​LaSalle​Lead Abatement12/9/14​​12/16​​/14
​Kern​ ​General Contractor 11/7/14​ ​11/14/14
​Dade General Contractor ​11/7/14 ​11/14/14
​Morning ​General Contractor 11/10/14​ ​11/18/14
​Markland ​General Contractor ​11/11/14 ​11/18/14
​Mayfair ​General Contractor 11/11/14​ ​11/18/14
​Rollingwood ​General Contractor
​11/11/14 11/18/14​
​Monmouth ​General Contractor 11/11/14​ 11/18/14​
​Winchester​ ​General Contractor
11/11/14​ 11/18/14​
​Columbus​ ​General Contractor ​10/16/14 ​10/28/14
​Jakobson ​General Contractor​ ​10/15/14 ​​10/28/14
​Old Steele Creek ​General Contractor ​10/16/14 ​10/28/14
​Ramona​ ​General Contractor ​10/15/14 ​10/28/14
​Robinhood ​Plumbing Only ​10/15/14 ​10/28/14
​Toddville ​General Contractor ​10/16/14 ​10/28/14
​Woodard ​General Contractor ​10/​16/14 ​10/28/14
​Phillips ​Lead Abatement 10/14/14​ ​10/17/14
​Glendevon ​General Contractor 10/14/14​ ​10/28/14
​Garringer Lead Abatement​ ​10/14/14 10/28/14​
​Black Bear General Contractor 10/14/14​ ​10/28/14
​Dunaire ​General Contractor 10/15/14​ ​10/28/14