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City Loan Programs
City Loan ProgramsThe City of Charlotte administers several business financial assistance programs under the umbrella of its Business Revitalization Programs, including matching grant programs that can provide assistance to eligible businesses that are undertaking improvements to their commercial property located within the program's eligible geography, as well as a Business Equity Loan program that can provide the otherwise missing equity for eligible start-up or expansion projects. 
The Business Equity Loan Program has provided assistance to over 160 small businesses since its inception in 1992.  The program has loaned over $5.8 million to these small businesses and leveraged over $36 million in private project funds from traditional banks and borrower's equity.  (Data is approximate as of December 31, 2009.) 
The City also partners with various major corporations and foundations to make the Charlotte Community Capital Fund available in the Charlotte area.  Established in 2003, this Fund strives to provide access to capital for small businesses that represent a higher credit risk profile than that of a traditional bank client and, as such, might otherwise be unable to obtain financing for their business project.
In addition to City loan programs, businesses seeking financing should also give consideration to federal loan programs available through the Small Business Administration.
Unsure if you're ready to approach a bank about a small business loan?  Check out the loan assessment tool and take advantage of area resources that can help you assess your credit readiness.