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The City of Charlotte has long been recognized as a city of success -- from our natural assets and quality of life to our diverse economy, historical significance, entrepreneurial spirit and technological accomplishments. However, none of this success would be possible without the people who call this place home.   
The time and energy expended by these volunteers are often overlooked. The winners of the 2014 Neighborhood Leadership Awards inpire others to take action in their communities. 
2014 Neighborhood Leadership Awards Winners
Community Safety Ambassador -- Eastway Sheffield Neighborhood Association
Good Neighbors -- Bridlewood Community Association
Moving Forward -- Plaza Midwood
Embracing Diversity -- Eastwood Acres
Sustainability Pioneer -- Grier Heights Community Improvement Association
People's Choice -- Hollis Nixon
Eligibility Requirements for Nominees:
  • Nominees must reside in Charlotte’s city limits.
  • Eligibility is limited to neighborhood-based clubs, organizations, and neighborhood or homeowner associations unless otherwise indicated.
  • Self-nomination is permitted. 
  • Non-profit organizations are not eligible. 
  • People’s Choice Award eligibility is limited to individuals. Organizations will not be considered. 


Neighborhood Leadership Award Recipient Sign FAQ:

Where will the sign be installed?  It’s up to the winning neighborhood, mostly. The sign must be installed on a City-maintained street.  Neighborhoods are requested to provide their preferred location and City staff will review to ensure the location is in compliance with all codes and ordinances. Consider a location that will be visible to many people in your community as well as newcomers to the area.
Will the City maintain our sign? The City will maintain the sign for six months from the date of installation. Following the initial six-month period, sign maintenance will be the option of the neighborhood. The City retains the right to remove the sign due to damage, graffiti or any other reason following the initial six-month period.   
These signs are great! Can we request more? The City will install one Neighborhood Leadership Award Winner commemorative sign per neighborhood. One additional sign may be installed upon request.
We’d like to host a celebration when our sign is installed. Will we be notified in advance?Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide advance notice. Instead, your neighborhood could consider an unveiling celebration. Staff can help to notify media and elected officials of community celebrations if desired. 
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