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About Neighborhood & Business Services
Neighborhood & Business Services is responsible for affordable housing, code enforcement, community engagement and economic development.  N&BS provides a variety of public services to the City of Charlotte to help maintain and improve the quality of life in the city’s neighborhoods.  Download our HOME to Neighborhoods & Business brochure or flip through it below.

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Our services include:

Maintaining Community Standards
  • Minimum housing code enforcement
  • Nuisance codes enforcement
  • Zoning ordinance enforcement
Providing Affordable Housing Opportunities
  • Financing affordable housing
  • Providing rehabilitation services
  • Providing foreclosure assistance Sustaining Neighborhoods & Businesses

Neighborhood and business corridor revitalization

  • Infrastructure investments
  • Leadership and organization training
  • Provide Economic Development Opportunities
Business attraction & growth
  • Small Business Development opportunity
  • Workforce development
  • Public/private development partnerships
  • Transit corridor development
Vision Statement
Neighborhood & Business Service’s vision is “Charlotte’s neighborhoods and businesses are healthy and vibrant.”

Mission Statement
The mission of the KBU is to “preserve, strengthen and grow Charlotte’s neighborhoods and businesses.”
Guiding Principles

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