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MYEP Host Employer Application

How many interns would your organization consider hiring?

Please provide a brief job description of the type of work the intern will participate in (administrative, painting, research, cashier, etc.)

Does the position require any special skills/knowledge? If yes, please explain.

Does this position have any age restrictions/limitations where the intern must be at least 18 years of age?

By participating in the City of Charlotte Mayor's Youth Employment Program (MYEP), the Host Employer understands and agrees with the following aspects of the MYEP Program:
  1. The City will attempt to recommend one or more candidates for each youth internship position made available by the Host Employer. The City will only recommend candidates who have passed a drug and alcohol test and whose criminal history background check results are acceptable to the City. A copy of a criminal history background check will be made available to the Host Employer upon request.

  2. As the Host Employer you are not obligated to employ a candidate recommended by the City. The Host Employer has the right to interview a recommended candidate and conduct additional screening or investigation as it deems appropriate. The decision to hire a candidate as an MYEP Intern is soley that of the Host Employer. In addition, the Host Employer has the right to terminate an Intern for any lawful reason.

  3. An MYEP intern is the employee of you, the Host Employer, and not the City. You are soley responsible for the legal obligations of an employer with respect to its MYEP Intern.

  4. The Host Employer shall develop and provide a clear job description, provide appropriate orientation and job-specific training, and identify a supervisor who will be able to devote sufficient time to mentor its MYEP intern.

  5. The Host Employer shall compensate its MYEP Intern at a rate of at least $8.00 per hour for a minimum of 20 hours per week. You may provide your MYEP intern with additional compensation and benefits if you choose to do so.

  6. The Host Employer shall permit its MYEP Intern to take four hours from work to participate in the MYEP mid-session training.
  7. The City will support the Host Employer and its MYEP Intern through regular communication from MYEP staff.

  8. At the conclusion of the program, the Host Employer may continue to employ its MYEP outside of the MYEP program.

As a representative of my company, I understand and agree to the MYEP Program aspects listed above.