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CityLYNX Gold Line                                               
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2012-05-17 Elizabeth and Hawthorne Rendering.jpg

Rendering of streetcar tracks along Elizabeth Avenue for CityLYNX Gold Line - Phase 1


Construction for the CityLYNX Gold Line - Phase 1, previously called the “Charlotte Streetcar Starter Project,” began in December 2012. Once completed in early 2015, it will run 1.5 miles along Trade Street -- from Time Warner Cable Arena to Presbyterian Hospital.

Click here to view road closures related to this construction.

What's next?

Pursuit of funding for a 2.5 mile extension of the project, Phase 2, was approved by City Council on May 28, 2013. If funding is acquired, it will run from Sunnyside Avenue to French Street and serve as the backbone to the City’s 2030 Transit System Plan.

The City Manager's recommendations for Phase 2 included:

  1. Recommendation Paper - May 13, 2013