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Real Estate Division

Managing and acquiring property for our community
The Real Estate team is the City’s expert for all real estate issues. This division advises the Mayor, City Council, City departments and the public about City-owned property. Staff analyzes existing facilities and sites to maximize the value of the City’s assets. They also acquire all of the necessary land rights needed for public works projects such as roads, sidewalks, light rail and storm water improvements. The Real Estate team has expertise in acquisitions, appraisals, disposition, relocations, leasing, title research and negotiations.

Key Contact
Tony Korolos, Division Manager
Phone:  704-336-4191
Main Office: 704-336-2291
The Acquisition Section staff acquires property needed for construction of City projects.  The staff is licensed and certified in right-of-way acquisition and acquire private, county and state-owned property for ongoing projects. 
Charles Anzalone, Real Estate Acquisition Manager,


Asset Management
The Asset Management section manages the City’s real property assets to maximize value. They market and sell surplus property as well as negotiate leases and real estate transactions, including acquisitions for the City's Tree Canopy Preservation Program.
Robert W. Drayton, Asset Management Supervisor, 704-336-3300