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Asset Management Section
​The primary goal of the Asset Management section is to strategically manage the City’s real property assets for the benefit of the community as well as to adhere to Council-approved policies and objectives.  Asset management is an ongoing process of acquiring and effectively managing real property assets to maximize their value and minimize their liability and maintenance expenses.  

The Asset Management section:

  • Negotiates real estate transactions
  • Acquires and leases real property for City operations
  • Acquires property for the City's Tree Canopy Preservation Program (TCPP)
  • Markets and sells surplus real property
  • Collaborates with other City Departments to accomplish their real property objectives
  • Manages the City’s real property inventory and associated records

​In the last 10 years, the City has sold more than $84 million of surplus real estate (returning that property to the City’s tax rolls). Asset Management generates approximately $2.3 million per year in gross revenue for the City through the lease of real property and manages more than 100 leases for the City as both lessor and lessee.    

Additionally, the section's staff support the goal of preserving and protecting one of the City's important natural resources, its nationally recognized tree canopy, through Tree Canopy Preservation Program (TCPP) acquisitions.  These acquisitions are voluntary sales by private property owners or through conservation organizations.  For more information or to discuss property conservation with City staff, please contact Amanda L. Byrum, Asset Manager, 704-353-0407.

The Asset Management section's expertise and ability to work with the community, local, state, and federal governments provides it with a wide-ranging capacity to serve the public.

See below to view details of current surplus properties for sale.  Most properties sold by the City are purchased through the upset bid process.  Please see the guide in the left column for more information about this process.

Commercial Property
  • Please visit the City Properties website for a complete listing for all City-owned properties currently for sale and coming soon. 
Residential Property
  • The City uses the services of an outside broker to market residential surplus acquired through Neighborhood and Business Services programs.  Please contact Showcase Realty at 704-997-3794 for more information about these properties. 

Click here to view frequently asked questions about Asset Management.

Key Contact:
Robert W. Drayton, Asset Management Supervisor, 704-336-3300