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Urban Forestry & Tree Management
Charlotte is nationally recognized for its  extensive, diverse and healthy tree canopy. For more than 30 years, Charlotte citizens and government agencies have chosen to protect and preserve trees in our community. Engineering & Property Management staff play a leading role in this commitment to trees and urban forestry in two specific ways:
  • The City Arborist oversees protection, planting, and maintenance of trees on public properties and street trees in the public right-of-way. Permits are required to plant or remove any trees in the right-of-way. When there is a concern about a city street tree, a call can be placed to Landscape Management at 704-336-4262 for inspection.
  • The Urban Forestry staff oversees tree protection and planting of trees on commercial properties and in new residential subdivisions. They also inspect for zoning requirements on commercial properties. There are nine urban forestry/zoning specialists that do plan review, approval and inspection. View the Urban Forestry/Zoning Inspector Territory Map for their areas and phone numbers.