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Charlotte Tree Advisory Commission

The twelve-member Charlotte Tree Advisory Commission (CTAC) is comprised of ten individuals appointed by Charlotte City Council and the Mayor, and two staff members from Engineering & Property Management - Don McSween, the city arborist, and Tim Porter, senior urban forester.

The mission of the CTAC is to achieve a community-wide recognition that trees and landscaping are an integral part of our quality of life, and it is the responsibility of all citizens to provide for and protect our urban forest environment.

Charlotte City Arborist Don McSween is joined by elected officials and CTAC members after planting a tree for Arbor day at Alexander Graham Middle School.


  • To serve as advocates for the ongoing renewal of Charlotte's urban forest.

  • To educate the citizens of Charlotte about the importance of trees and landscaping as they pertain to our quality of life.
  • To advise and support City Council and assist City leaders on issues affecting Charlotte's urban forest.

Current Commissioners

Fred Dodson, Jr.
Debra Glennon
Vincent Haney
Ann Macon-Ellis
Matt McLaren
Janet Preyer Nelson
Oliver Sharman
Susan Tompkins
Alex Vuchnich
Joe Zuyus (Chair)

To apply for CTAC membership, contact the City of Charlotte Clerk's Office at:

600 E. Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC  28202

The CTAC plans the City’s annual Arbor Day Celebration.

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