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Quick Facts About Construction Projects

Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) manages infrastructure projects from initial planning through final construction. The construction process presents many issues for nearby residents and businesses, so please review the topics below to learn more. Our staff on site will work with you to minimize construction impact. Additionally, we will send project updates to citizens located near the project. Please contact E&PM at 704-336-2291 with any questions.

What is the contractor required to do during project construction?

  • Build this project according to prepared plans and specifications.
  • Have a competent project supervisor.
  • Work with utility companies (Duke Power, BellSouth, Time Warner Cable, etc.) to minimize service disruption.
  • Prevent soil erosion to adjacent properties.
  • Conduct operations within rights-of-way and acquired easements.
  • Obey all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • Ensure mail service is not interrupted by construction.
  • Protect all public and private property within or adjacent to the work area.

Our commitment to you

Our goal is to minimize construction impact. The designers of this project have taken great care to develop a construction plan that lessens inconveniences to you. However, it may be necessary to temporarily reduce or detour traffic flow, and close streets. In these instances, you will be notified in advance. We can help you locate parking if your driveway is temporarily blocked.

Heavy Construction Equipment

This kind of work uses heavy construction vehicles, including dump trucks, concrete trucks and earth moving equipment, which can be quite loud during operations. No work will be conducted at night unless there is an emergency. The contractor may keep equipment within the work area for the duration of the project.

Open Holes and Trenches

If it is necessary to maintain an open hole or trench, the contractor is required to make the area safe with fences, barricades, or other methods. Please be cautious as you enter and exit your property.

Storing Materials and Debris

The contractor may store construction materials on the work site. They may also stockpile debris if disposal is not readily available. The contractor can use areas within the right-of-way or acquired easements.  

If more materials storage space is needed, contractors may ask private property owners to use their property (outside of the easement). It is the property owner’s discretion and risk to allow the contractor to do so. These materials may be unsightly for a brief period, but will eventually be used or hauled away.

Office Trailers and Portajohn Facilities

The contractor may place an office trailer and portajohns within his work area, depending on the size and duration of the project.

Building a Better City

From infrastructure repairs and better drainage to safety and beautification, residents will see noticeable improvements in their neighborhoods and roads.