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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Building Maintenance perform building inspections?
To schedule a building inspection, call the Mecklenburg County Building Permit Department at 704-336-3829.
  • When is a grading permit required?
The City of Charlotte requires a grading permit when one or more acre of land will be disturbed. Grading or land-disturbing activity is any type of activity that results in a change in the natural cover or topography and that may cause or contribute to sedimentation. Cutting, clearing and stumping trees are considered disturbing activities.  Land disturbing activity includes harvesting timber when conducted for any purpose other than tree farming (where trees will be replaced with trees). Visit E&PM's Development Services web page for more information.
  • What forms of payment are accepted?
Land Development accepts cash, checks (which must be made payable to the City of Charlotte), VISA, MasterCard and Mecklenburg County Account as forms of payments.
  • How do I obtain a copy of the Land Development Standards Manual?
The current manual is available via download from the Land Development website ( http://cldsm.charmeck.org). Because the Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual is a dynamic document, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the most recent standards are being specified.  It is recommended that you select the “Notify Me” link on the page to receive appropriate notification of revisions.
  • How do I set up a presubmittal meeting?  
To set up a presubmittal meeting, fill out the Presubmittal Meeting Request Form.  Meetings are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.  Meeting times are Fridays 9:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. (45 minutes each). You will be scheduled for the next available meeting time and will receive a written email confirmation.  Cancellation notice is required by 12:00 noon the Wednesday before the scheduled date.
  • Does the City operate and maintain all the cemeteries within Charlotte?
The City maintains six cemeteries: Elmwood, Evergreen, Oaklawn, North Pinewood, West Pinewood and Ninth Street Pinewood. Many privately owned and operated cemeteries are located in Charlotte and the surrounding counties.
  • What plants are best suited for the Charlotte area?
Landscape Management has a list of recommended plants for use in urban and traffic areas available on the Landscape Management website.
  • How often are the medians in the City limits mowed?
The medians outside the I-277 loop are cut at a minimum of every fourteen days. The medians inside Center City (Tryon Street Mall) are maintained more often.
  • How often is the grass on the shoulders of the City streets cut?
The grass on the shoulders of City streets is cut every five weeks, from April to November.
  • How often is the grass on the shoulders of state roads in the City limits cut?
The grass on the shoulders of state roads in the City limits is cut five times a year; in April, May, June, August and October.
  • What is the Charlotte Tree Ordinance?
The Charlotte Tree Ordinance protects public trees within the street right of way in Charlotte. It protects certain private trees on commercial sites, multi-family sites and single family developments.  It also requires trees to be planted on most of these sites.
  • Does the City own this land?  
Ownership questions should be directed to the County Tax Office at 704-336-7600 or taxmeck@MecklenburgCountyNC.gov.
  • Is there a list of City property (land) for sale?
There is not a list of City property for sale. The City's properties are usually earmarked for infrastructure improvements, city facilities, neighborhood improvements and housing.
  • Do you have property or a building to lease? 
We do not have buildings available for lease.
Still have questions? Call 311.