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Engineering & Property Management CAD Standards
The Consultant shall perform all CAD related services in accordance with Engineering and Property Management CAD Standards. The following are the guidelines and requirements for delivery and acceptance for electronic plan submittals. 

***The Consultant shall inform City Project Manager once they are prepared to upload 70% plans and 100% plans.****DWG files are required f​or review.  See File Submittal Requirements for details.****

****The Surveyor shall perform all base mapping services in the US Survey Foot unit of measure.****
                                    ****See File Submittal Requirements for details.****

****Any usage of Hydraflow shall be performed in Civil 3D 2016 SP2 or greater.****
                                    ****See File Submittal Requirements for details.****

Standard Templates

Civil 3D 2016: 
  • C3D 2016 template contains both Survey and Design CAD Standards.  
  • See Consultants 2016.zip for directories, files, and instructions.
Production Sheets
The "Production Sheets" directory contains:
  • Standard Cover Sheet
  • Plan and Profile Sheet
  • General and Traffic Notes, etc.

Note: There are two sub-directories of production sheets one for Transportation projects and the other is used for Storm Water projects.

Standard Blocks
Standard drawing blocks for existing and proposed items should be copied in the appropriate directories for City of Charlotte projects. See the Consultants.zip file for specific instructions.
Linetypes and Plot Styles
The "Shapes" directory contains the files for standard linetypes. These files should be copied in the appropriate directories before starting City of Charlotte projects. 
The plot style file (Citystd.ctb) should be copied to your "Plot Styles" directory. See the Readme document in the Consultants2016.zip file for specific instructions.
Example Sheets
Example sheets give a good representation of how entities should look on final plans. 
Note: The Design and Survey Example Sheets do not list all City CAD Standards.
Standard Check Files
Standard files are created from the C3D 2016 template. They are to be used when creating an audit report using the Autodesk Batch Standards Checker.
Photogrammetric Standards 

The Surveyor shall provide aerial mapping services ("Services") as directed by the City Project Manager.  Download the following file for the City of Charlotte's current mapping specifications.

For questions or comments concerning the Engineering and Property Management CAD Standards, please contact
Nick Shayeghi at 704-336-2158.