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Benfield Road (formerly Prosperity Church Road)

Benfield Road Intersection
The intersection of Benfield Road and Johnston-Oehler/DeArmon Roads will be realigned and Benfield Road will connect to the I-485 interchange.

What's happened? Construction is complete and landscaping has been installed. 

What's next? The project is currently in the warranty phase.

Who to contact? Dan Leaver, 704-336-6388

‚ÄčA Thoroughfare and Area Plan Project
This project will realign the northern leg of Benfield Road (formerly Prosperity Church Road) at the intersection of Benfield Road and Johnston-Oehler/DeArmon Roads and make minor improvements to the other legs of the intersection.  As part of the construction, the existing northern leg of Docia Crossing will be disconnected to vehicular traffic and a ten-foot wide multi-use path will be installed.  This project will also build a new roadway that will connect this intersection to the I-485 on/off-ramp in the Prosperity Village area.
  • Provide a connection that will serve as an integral part of the roadway system after I-485 is built.
  • Realign the intersection of Benfield  Road and Johnston-Oehler/DeArmon Roads
  • Continue implementation of the Prosperity Village Plan

Cost: $1,700,000
Please note that the project cost will include all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits, and landscaping.   
The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the project through a four stage process.  Click here to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.

Project Contacts:
Dan Leaver, E&PM Project Manager, 704-336-6388
Matt Magnasco, CDOT Street Connectivity Program Manager, 704-336-3368