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Park Road Sidewalk
Park Road Sidewalk Project
This project will complete sidewalk from Poindexter to Sunset Drive.

What's happened? City staff worked with design consultants Armstrong Glen, PC to complete a sidewalk design.

What's next? Construction is complete and the project is currently in the warranty phase.  Landscaping will occur during the winter planting season (January-March 2012) to re-establish tree canopy within the project limits. 

Who to contact:  Sonji Mosley, Project Manager 704-336-3214, smosley@charlottenc.gov
A Transportation Bond Project

This transportation project will complete sidewalk along the east side of Park Road from Poindexter Road to Sunset Drive.


  • To complete the City's Sidewalk Initiatives, as adopted by City Council, by placing sidewalk on both sides of all major thoroughfares.
  • To provide a comprehensive connected sidewalk network by filling in the 0.2 mile missing gap along Park Road.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and connected pedestrian network within the corridor.
The project limits are from Poindexter to 90 feet north of Sunset Drive as shown below.

Park Road Sidewalk Project Map

Park Road Sidewalk Project Request for Public Information March 2010

In response to requests received from residents regarding the Park Road Sidewalk Project, City staff has compiled the following documentation regarding questions, plans and ordinances.

The Charlotte City Council adopted a policy to address pedestrian and sidewalk needs on thoroughfares.
  • The policy states that sidewalks will be built on both sides of all thoroughfares.
  • Missing sections of sidewalk on thoroughfares are ranked based on a set of criteria and further evaluated for those rising to the top of the priority list.

What is the City's plan on protecting tree canopy, enhancing environment/air quality? The City is involved in many efforts to improve the environment. The best location to review some of the City's environmental efforts can be found at the following link:  Focus on the Environment

The City of Charlotte participates in several air quality efforts and initiatives. One of the primary areas is through our involvement with Mecklenburg Union Metropolitan Planning Organization.   The Charlotte region is a non-attainment area as concerns air quality.  The following link provides information related to air quality through MUMPO efforts:  MUMPO Air Quality

In addition, the City has a tree ordinance (Chapter 21 of the City Code) that has provisions for preserving and planting trees. Those requirements can be found on the Land Development site.

What is the environmental impact study (EIS) on loss of trees? A formal EIS is not required, however the planning and design process of all City projects strives for a balance of environmental, operational, safety and financial issues. 

What is the City arborists' recommendation on tree removal/salvage? The City Arborists have been a part of the design team throughout the process.  Arborists have been on site and reviewed all trees within the construction zone. They have made recommendations on trees to be saved and those that are planned for removal.  Please note that the design team has made every effort to preserve as many trees as possible.   Please also note that a substantial tree replacement plan is being designed. New trees will be planted within the new planting strip (between the street and the sidewalk) and as part of discussions with landowners on private land where trees may be removed.  

When a tree is removed during construction, Landscape Management does not provide direction on how a tree is removed or what happens when the wood leaves the site. Staff can give direction on the plans and in the contract for special circumstances. The City requires a Certified Arborist to perform all pruning.

Where can the Center City Plans be found? Attached are the links to adopted Center City Plans:

Charlotte's 2010 Plan
CDOT's Center City Transportation Plan

Where can the East Boulevard Corridor Plan be found? Below are links to the East Boulevard Pedscape Plan and the Phase 2 project that is currently underway along East Boulevard:

Where can the Kenilworth/Scott Corridor Plan be found? Click here to view the Kenilworth/Scott and Park Road Corridor Plan.

When was this section of Park Road programmed and what is the history? City staff evaluate missing sidewalk sections at the top of the Sidewalk Thoroughfare List each year in order to plan the next fiscal year's projects.  In the City Council adopted Transportation Action Plan, Policy 2.7.1 states 'The City, when constructing sidewalks on existing streets, will construct sidewalks on both sides of all thoroughfares, consistent with the sidewalk prioritization process.

On July 9, 2008, City staff met to review the top rated sections on the list and determined that Park Road was a high priority and added the project to our list for that fiscal year's planning. In addition, the following meetings have been held relative to the project. 

September 22, 2008 - Project Scoping Meeting
February 4, 2009 - Concept Design Review Meeting w/CDOT
February 23, 2009 - Concept Follow-up Meeting
March 19, 2009 - Public Meeting with Residents
April 13, 2009 - Public Meeting Follow-up Meeting
April 17, 2009 - Meeting to discuss changing the sidewalk with from 6ft to 5ft for context sensitivity
June 3, 2009 - Resident Letter & Concept Plan was mailed to Impacted Owners
June 22, 2009 - 70% plans were distributed to Project team was held
July 10, 2009 - 70% Design Review Meeting with Project team was held
July 23, 2009 - Paved Gutter/Curb Replacement Meeting
September 16, 2009 - 90%  Design Review Meeting
January 11, 2010 - Real Estate Review Meeting with Contract Agents

    Click here to view the current list of the top 200 missing sections on the Sidewalk Thoroughfare List.

    What was the list of the top 200 missing sections on the Thoroughfare List when the Park Road project was programmed? Click here to view. Please note on the attached PDF Park Road was tied for 7th place with 2 other projects. These 3 projects scored the same amount of points.

    What are the active thoroughfare sidewalk projects?  Click here to view list.

    What are the City's rules/bylaws on eminent domain and property condemnation rules? This information can be found at the following link:

    North Carolina General Statues

    When does City Council's Transportation and Planning Committee meet? Agendas are advertised on the City's website:  City Council Focus and Priorities

    Click here to view minutes from all CDOT meeting regarding this project (dating back to January 2007)
    Click here to view minutes from the March 8, 2010 TAP meeting

    What was the initial traffic study that determined need for sidewalk? Traffic counts are taken every two years on thoroughfares. The most recent traffic count on Park Road was taken on 3/4/08 north of Townes Road. The count was 26,900 AAWT (Average Weekday Traffic Volumes taken Monday – Friday). Presentations and documents reflect 27,000 by rounding up.  Traffic counts are one of the criteria used to evaluate the priority of missing sections of sidewalk.

    Where is the pedestrian study? No pedestrian study is required.

    Is a vehicle and pedestrian accident/injury report available for Park Road between East Boulevard and Woodlawn?  A comprehensive report on this section of roadway has not been created, but attached are reports on crash data for various intersections:







    Powerpoint plan presented at Sedgefield Neighborhood Association meeting on February 10, 2010?
    City staff was not at this meeting and is unaware of this presentation.

    Powerpoint plan presented at City Transportation Committee meeting on March 8, 2010?
    Click here to open a pdf of the presentation - Park Road Sidewalk

    Final architectural plans for entire block of 14 homes?  The City does not have records of architectural plans for the homes.

    Below are all versions of the Park Road Sidewalk Project budget:
    Park Road Sidewalk budget (Updated cost estimate based on 90% design in parenthesis)

    Planning/Design               $100,000
    Real Estate                       $200,000 ($60,000)
    Utility Relocation                $ 30,000 ($0) No utility relocates required
    Construction                     $165,000 (final estimate)
    Landscaping                     $100,000 ($35,000)
    Contingency/Reserve         $70,000 ($40,000)
    Cost estimate                   $665,000 ($400,000)

    What companies will be bidding on the project?  The City doesn't not know in advance which companies will bid on any given project. After the bid opening, company names can be released.

    What companies are providing support to the project?

    • Appraiser - Bryant & Rutledge
    • Real Estate - Professional Property Services, Inc.
    • Surveying - City surveyors
    • Architect - No architects are involved
    • Arborist - City Arborists Don McSween and Laura Brewer
    • Engineering - Armstrong Glen Engineering
    • City planning - Staff from CDOT, Engineering & Property Management, Planning and Storm Water is involved with the project.

    The factors below make the Park Road segment a priority and thus have a high ranking on the Thoroughfare Sidewalk List:

    • This section is one of the last missing gaps in a large pedestrian network along Park Road.
    • Average weekday traffic volumes are 27,000 vehicles per day (26,900 to be exact). The speed limit is 35 MPH. Operating speed is higher.
    • Double exposure for residents walking along the west side as they need to cross the street twice to continue on a sidewalk. 
    • Existing slope and drainage make it virtually impossible to walk on the west side in the location of the gap.
    • Sight distance issues with a curve in the street just south of the project.
    • Significant pedestrian activity in this area. There is a worn path along a portion of the project and significant pedestrian generators served, including:
    1. An elementary school
    2. A middle school
    3. Sedgefield Park
    4. EB Moore Park
    5. Freedom Park
    6. Little Sugar Creek Greenway
    7. The YWCA, apartment/condominiums
    8. A concentration of commercial land uses near the gap on Park Road and transit
    9. Support in the neighborhood for this project. City staff has received emails from board members of the Sedgefield Neighborhood Association and the Dilworth Community Development Association in support of this project. 
    10. The Colonial Village-Sedgefield NIP public meetings identified this gap as a need to complete a continuous pedestrian network.
    Initial cost estimate:  $665,000. Refined cost estimate: $400,000
    Please note that this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fee, construction and landscaping.   

    The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the Park Road Sidewalk Project through a four stage process. Specific work is conducted during each stage with an emphasis on public involvement during the planning and design phases. Click here to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.

    Project Contacts:
    Sonji Mosley, Engineering Project Manager, 704-336-3214
    Tom Sorrentino, PE, Transportation Project Manager, 704-336-3934