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McKee/Providence Road
McKee/Providence Road
The McKee Road/Providence Road Intersection Improvement Project will reduce congestion and better facilitate pedestrians crossing the intersection. 

What's happened? The planning phase has progressed with the project team using City design standards, traffic analysis and citizen comments to guide the planning process and develop the recommended design concept. The first public meeting for this project was held June 9, 2011.  The second public meeting was held November 17, 2011.  A third public meeting was held April 19 to present the recommended design concept. Click here to view the recommended design concept. Click here to view the project fact sheet.

What's next? The design phase is currently in progress.  The consultant is working with City staff and the utility companies to advance final design plans. The project team expects to have design plans for public viewing by fall 2013.

Who to contact:
  Leslie Bing, Project Manager 704-336-7277
A 2010 Transportation Bond Project

This project will plan, design and construct improvements to the intersection of McKee Road, Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Providence Road to improve capacity and relieve congestion at this heavily traveled intersection.


  • Improve capacity and relieve congestion
  • Improve the level of service for pedestrians and bicyclist
  • Complement NCDOT’s recent widening of Providence Road south of I-485
Cost:  $7,000,000
Please note this is the funding amount and includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, construction, signalization, permits and landscaping.  Additional funding may be identified after the planning phase.

The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the McKee/Providence Road Project through a four stage process. Click here to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.

Project Team
Leslie Bing, Engineering Project Manager 704-336-7277
Tom Sorrentino, PE, Charlotte Department of Transportation 704-432-5728