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Dixie River Road Realignment
​Dixie River Road
This 2004 Transportation Bond Project will relocate a portion of Dixie River Road at the Steele Creeke and Shopton Road intersection.

What's happened?
 Shopton Road West has been realigned. Click here to view the plans. Steele Creek Road and Dixie River Road are under construction. Click on the links below left to view detailed renderings of the design plans.

What's next? Construction is complete. A special ribbon cutting celebration was held on June 24 to officially open the road.  Landscaping will be installed during the winter planting season.

Who to contact? Derrel Poole, 704-353-1794.

A 2004 Transportation Bond Project

This transportation project will realign the intersection of Steele Creek Road (NC 160) and Shopton Road West, and relocate a portion of Dixie River Road.


  • Reconfigure the skewed alignment of the intersection
  • Improve safety of existing road and intersection
  • Install traffic signal to improve traffic flow
  • Provide connection to the Berewick subdivision
vicinity map of dixie river road

Click here
to see an enlarged map  in PDF form.

Cost:  $11,257,000
Please note that this figure includes all costs associated with the project such as planning and design, acquiring the right of way, utility relocation, consultant fees, signalization, permits, construction, and landscaping.

The Engineering & Property Management (E&PM) project team will manage the Dixie River Road Project through a four stage process. Click here to learn how City projects are selected, designed and built.

Details from the Planning & Design stage and its public involvement process:
City staff is working with Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. to plan and design the improvements to the intersection.  These plans are based on safety, cost, benefits, traffic analysis and an extensive public involvement process allowing citizens and nearby businesses to provide input at public meetings. The public input assisted the Project Team in determining the final alternative. The project team originally developed four alternatives which were presented at the 2nd public meeting, held on November 17 at the Masonic Lodge.  Click here to view the December 2005 Newsletter  (pdf format).

  • Concept 1: Four leg intersection
  • Concept 2A: Future Dixie River Road runs between the church and the Steele Creek Masonic Temple, while Shopton Road West is diverted south of the existing intersection.
  • Concept 2B: Future Dixie River Road runs on the other side of the Masonic Temple (just north of the existing intersection) and Shopton Road West tees into Steele Creek Road at or close to its present location.
  • Concept 2C: Future Dixie River Road is located exactly where it is in option 2B and Shopton Road West is diverted south of the existing intersection, precisely as it is in Option 2A.


Click here to view more photos from the Dixie River Road project.

Click below to view aerials in .jpg format:

Related Projects:  

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities' 48" water line work along Steele Creek Road.
  • The NC Department of Transportation's Garden Parkway proposes an interchange at Dixie River Road a mile away from the project limits.
Project Contacts:
Derrel Poole, Engineering Project Manager, 704-353-1794
Ashton Watson, Transportation Project Manager, 704-432-4638
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